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The Nono Project for all schools in Europe

Farewell Letters and the Suspended Song

The composition „Il Canto Sospeso“ and the letters that Nono chose as textual foundation from a collection of farewell letters written to loved ones by captured European resistance fighters are the basis for the nono project that was developed for schools in Europe on the initiative of Fondazione LʼUnione Europea Berlin.

Farewell Letters

The basis for the Nono project are farewell letters, written by captured European resistance fighters shortly before their executions by the Nazis during WW II. These letters have been collected and were published in 1954 with a preface written by Thomas Mann.

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„Il Canto Sospeso“ , the composition

Luigi Nono picked the letters of ten young women and men as the textual foundation for his composition "Il Canto Sospeso" (The Suspended Song), which premiered in Darmstadt in 1956.

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The school project

The founders of the charitable foundation Fondazione L’Unione Europea Berlin developed an interdisciplinary school project in Arts, Music, German and History.

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